Ignite Economic Opportunities

Mobilize All Talents and Assets in the Region.


Today, regions compete for the most promising industries and talents. The challenge is to attract them to ignite economic opportunities to mobilize all talents and assets.


Whatever the choice, regions have to define critical goals to win their key battles. To be successfull, all key stakeholders have to be involved to ensure optimal cooperation.


We identify key battles and define actions to accomplish results. We have a focus of 3-5 years to deliver results. We use a cooperation model  and big data to make it happen.

Regional Leaders

Are you a regional leader interested to implement Key Battle Framework in your own region?

We have training available for regional leaders. This training is preparing you to plan and implement the Social Architecture in your own region. After the training, you will have the capacity to kick-start the program yourselves and to implement a successful roll-out! Contact.

Social Architecture

Our solution for regional cooperation

We recognize four main stakeholders on the labour market: REGION (black), EMPLOYER (blue), INDIVIDUAL (green), and, EDUCATION (orange). We believe that technology should enable all stakeholders to take action themselves. We are convinced that a trusted community that can organize itself is able to ignite economic opportunities for the good of all.


Each point on the MetroMap generates specific information. We store that information in CockpitWork, our big data analysis tool. We comply with the GDPR regulations of the European Union. CockpitWork generates insights for all stakeholders to take action. Without action no result!